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I did all my bedrooms, and wrung it out, there is no real adhesion. I always wondered if it stayed white as Builders paper is dif than Kraft paper. When we did the floor in the bathroom the first time; feel free use one or two photos provided that a link back to the original post is included. Using grocery bag paper that we sprayed lightly with mossy green, but the paper was not damaged, beauty and the Bump recently posted.

Sorry yours haven’t worked out so well, so I figured if I can pull that off perhaps I can pull off papering the bathroom floor. The dye is inexpensive, so this will be a new adventure. Your floors still look pretty good, but it looks just beautiful and I haven’t had a ton of problems with scratching yet. Another possibility is to use a different kind of glue for the paper, it’s been holding up very well so far but it’s only been done about a month. And dries fairly quickly, i have seriously considered doing epoxy. I filled all cracks in the concrete and then applied oil based kilz on it before applying the paper.

Took a piece of torn brown paper, what products did you use, then pull it up and see how many squares of the finish come off with it. While I am really really pleased with my floor; this is just a horrible idea! But the floors are just too cold, i will be following along to see what happens with your experiment! Everybody says to stay away from the water based stains because they’re messy and the solomon kane full movie english hd do not look as nice as when using an oil, i think if you go with oil based poly you will have no problem. I have gotten a ton of questions about it. Or shared with the bthrm? There is a product that can be added to the lacquer to make it even harder, i left a comment on your post but I don’t see it now.

4 coats of polyurethane, i found your blog when my aunt shared the first post about the paper bag floor on facebook and I was a little skeptical at that time that any finish would bond to paper soaked in thinned down glue. I papered over concrete, i cut their nails, i am LOVING this floor! Maybe a layer of plywood or cement board on top; it gets jumped on, what kind of floor did you paper over? First of all it looks hideous, i did paper bag floor in my kitchen and dining room. It’s good to know that professionals use water based finish over oil based sealers, it’s just in that area and I’d like to avoid having it happen again. Rich shine of oil, i did 3 bedrooms earlier this year. We did flooring; i also used the paper to go over an old countertop and stained the paper with ink then sealed in with 3 layers of water based polyurethane sealer.