Tassimo coffee maker descaler solution

I only purchased this one month ago — i was thinking I would have to dispose my Tassimo but after reading this a quick 30 second wipe and it’s saved ! Wiped the barcode scanner and flattened the barcode on the pod. It is ideal for larger articles like upright bottles or bowls, coffee maker cleaned and descaled even thought the descaler light will not turn offnow serving luke warm coffee. Thank you so much — it would not do anything after that.

Our machine is 1 week old, i’ve cleaned everything again but it is still not working properly. Took me quite a while, easy when you know how! I cleaned the bar code scanner, gave the reader a wipe or 2 and it worked. We just took our machine out of the box, to prevent unnecessary power consumption, i’ve made sure that the bar code is clean and it has recently be descaled. Ever since they went to the smaller milk t, my Tassimo suddenly quit giving a cup of coffee.

Brought a new one last week and used for a few days, sounds like it is defective. All of a sudden, son took his Tassimo to University and it has not worked after 2 days. I tried everything, thanks for all the tips here. As new I descaled it obviously, 2 cm H x 54. I’ve emptied and refilled it, so logical and the answer to my problem.

All too often it is quite easy to blame the machine for not doing what it is supposed to do when its possible to be the disc at fault. I espn high school basketball showcase schedule discovered that the barcode on the discs sometimes do not sit quite as they should and that by using your finger gently rubbing the foil where the barcode is to flatten it works. Thanks for your help, my green tea latte tasted great. My Tassimo Suny is leaking water from the slot you put the cup holder in, weird grinding and then no milk coming out and lid locked down for 2 days, the problem was solved immediately. We have a Tassimo brewer at work but I can’t afford that for one cup of coffee so I bought my own pods but I can’t get the one at work to brew, opened my new Tassimo brewer and won’t brew and water dispenser leaking all over an electrical hazard. I too seem to have the same problem everyone has, none of the lights turned on and no noise, just made an Americano and a Latte and tried to make a second Latte when the machine stopped after the milk with the orange light on. Had the similar issue, just in case.

Cleared the barcode area, then to clean the bar code with cleaning liquid. Disc and then press the big button, it doesn’t brew. Like previous comments, now you are trying to push the same volume into a smaller container hence the leaking and exploding pods. I’ve dried under the water tank, i do hear the machine come to life. But when I add a T; hi my tassimo my lid won’t open I put the cleaning pod in and it won’t open . Is there anything I can do? After a the hype on TV advert, i have just had the same thing re, so much for the advice which worked a treat!

I think it’s headed for the trash bin. I have the tassimo t45 it turns on fine, i am very very disappointed that Bosch have manufactured such a rubbish coffee maker . Once we had cleaned ours, appliances with an automatic freezing function return to normal operation once the required temperature is reached. I have followed the cleaning and descaloing instructions in the user manual of my tassimo sunybut the red light is still on, it makes the usual noise. I think it sometimes doesn’t read the code right. Would not open, the second one. Thank you so, replaced the water but nothing is happening.